Crystal Training
Aakash Shakya - Dec. 13, 2018, 9 a.m.

Crystal Training was held on 2073 at the month of Poush which was targeted for the Local Aama Samuha of kirtipur. We organized this program at Lachhi, Panga.

We are giving emphasis to the women who are busy in their household works. 16 women from the Aama Samuha were interested for the training. This was the first program organized by our NGO. The program was conducted to empower the women in order to uplift their living standard.

"There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women."

On the basis of above quote, a society or a community, along with family can be developed sustainably with the help of women empowerment. If women are empowered they will contribute to their whole family which will help in improving the status of the community and a prosperous generation.

After the training, two women’s were able to effectively make the crystal. The products were taken to market and the income from that crystal was given to the women of the locality. Nowadays, they are engaged in crystal making at free time and are enjoying the income from which they can uplift the living standard of their family.

Equal rights are not given to women due to their dependency on their family for livelihood as they have no earnings. Women have less access to various essential resources and employment opportunity due to which women are victim of domestic violence. This is the reason why Siris Youth Foundation has embarked in a journey to create employment opportunities to women so that they can be self empowered.

Empowered women are the framework, which provide necessary support to the society and help in sustainable development. It is essential that the leadership should be implemented such that women can be empowered.

This process of empowerment also helps women to protect themselves from domestic violence and lead a dignified life.

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