Innovative Idea Pitching Program Begins
Dipesh Khadgi - Dec. 11, 2018, 9 a.m.

“INNOVATIVE IDEA PITCHING” was held on 13th August, 2018 at Hillside resort, Kirtipur. It was a business idea pitching competition organized by SIRIS YOUTH FOUNDATION, to encourage and uplift the morale of the youth. The main motto of the competition was to provide platform to the young entrepreneurs of our country.

In this competition, there were 15-20 participants. Formal program was started at 11 o’clock with National anthem. And there was an encouraging starting speech by our chief guest Mr. Anuj Pradhan representing Kirtipur municipality. The Kirtipur municipality was so pleased to see this program in their locality as they were able to visualize the new sparkling light towards their community.   

After a couple of participants pitched their ideas to our judges and audience, Miss Eeda Rijal was invited as a motivational speaker. She is the person who never gets tired from trying. She and her team worked really hard and succeeded in representing our country Nepal and won the Artificial Intelligence category in IMAGINE CUP 2018. She inspires the youth to not give up easily and try our best to achieve our goal.

Again the competition continued, we invited our participants to present their ideas. Their ideas were fresh to hear and the creativity level was just awesome: pregnancy test for animal, spectacles for visualizing and feeling objects for blind people, pregnant women and child care center, depositing bank card, etc. are some of the ideas for the competition by the participants. The organizing team and judges were amazed because the participants were young and still had these types of amazing ideas.

After listening all the innovative ideas of the participants jury members come to a decision/ of the winner, Rara Biotech was announced as the winner, Mad angle were announced as the 1st sprinter up and Falcha Money Gear was announced as the 2nd runner up. Cash prize of Rs.15000, trophy and certificate was given to Rara Biotech, Mad angle and Falcha Money Gear was given trophy and certificate; all the participants were also given certificate. The winner of the competition was also given chance to meet the investor so Rara Biotech can grab the opportunity of convincing the investor to invest in their project.

We would like to thank our volunteers for their support, it wouldn’t be successful without their active participation for the event. We are very grateful to have you in our volunteers team. We will be hoping for your support in next event too.

And at last but not the least we would like to thank our sponsor specially Tree media for being title sponsor and Lotus holding Pvt. Ltd. We would also like to appreciate Kirtipur Municipality, Bernhardt college, Ujwal school, ka:shi restaurant and different other school, shops and restaurants of kirtipur for your support as a sponsor in our event.

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