Women Empowerment
Aakash Shakya - Dec. 13, 2018, 9 a.m.

Women empowerment refers to the process of providing the power to women to stand up against the control of the others and help them to lead a prosperous and successful life.

Women empowerment is very important from a small unit which is family, having empowered women in a country means great reduction in dependence rates and increase in household income. This further leads to independent decision making regarding career, job selection, education, health, investment and rights, therefore it is inevitable that empowering women will no doubt lead to the country’s development.


Women Empowerment plays the vital role in the country’s economic development. As we know a wheel works when there is available of two wheels same like that to develop the country there must be involvement of both men and women. Women empowerment is the process of encouraging the women for the betterment of their living standard which gradually can develop the nation. Women empowerment is the motivation to the women for the development of skill and knowledge. If a woman is educated, the likelihood of raising the children increases to many folds. Women constitute about two-thirds among 900 illiterate citizens of the world.

There is a fact that there are many cases of abortion because of female child. People show no mercy to them and throw, later on eaten by stray animals and birds. The mindset needs to be changed and opportunity and support should be given to the girls also. We need positive attitude towards girls in every house so we can change the nation to empower the women. To change the perception of the family members regarding girl child is the true empowerment which is necessary for a country’s development and a reason in itself that why we would need it in the first place. The value of all the citizens who deserve to be treated equally, be men or women, is crucial for a country’s overall development.

Women plays the role to the development of our communities and our nation which is very important, thus women empowerment is vital. Women and girls in our communities are not recognized to their great contribution to the development of our nation. Women’s and girls’ should not be seen as the weak people, rather than that they should be respected for their great contribution to the nation. For the progress of the country every citizens should be adequately empowered. There won’t be any progress when there is gender limits. To build a strong nation economically empowered individuals are required. So the governments, business, communities and families must invest in women to improve economic growth.

Women in the society plays the fundamental to the development of a country. Most of the challenges faced by women are in the rural areas. When women are enabled to earn income, they reinvest most of it in their families and this eventually has an impact on human development. Including women into a workforce has proven to strengthen the labor force through numbers and women have also proven their capabilities in the employment, market in many countries.

Living for oneself and not just only for children and husband. It can be a well-balanced lifestyle that one aspires to have in one’s dreams.

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