Main objectives of ICT Seeding campaign in public schools
  1. The main objective of this campaign is to distribute the knowledge of ICT from the root level of career.
  2. To create a self-learning mindset of students via ICT, supporting sustainable development goal of education.
  3. To define the scope of ICT and its necessity for career development in early age.
  4. To provide platform for the public-school students to learn and work in technical field. So that they will be able to compete with private school students.
  5. To create environment to justify the relation of their current curriculum with technological learning tools.
  6. To educate students on the installation of basic computer hardware and software.
  7. To train students to establish and maintain computer networking with mailing.
  8. To make students able to perform office level operations in Microsoft office.
  9. To build basic concepts on graphic designing and multimedia.
  10. To provide basic concept of web designing and programming.
  11. To encourage use of internet for various purposes specially learning and research.

Our main aim was to develop skills of government schools to grab the basic technical job opportunities related to Microsoft office, graphic designing, basic system monitoring and basic web development. Even in case of dropout after SEE, they will get a platform to learn and continue their educational career via internet. Financial issues won’t be a problem to deal with, regarding acquiring knowledge for them through online resources. We also provide students mentoring opportunities for proper guidance on their interest. Such that, public school level students will be equally capable enough to pursue their passion and play role for the development of country along with creation of job opportunities in future.