The Life patron program is an opportunity to become part of Siris Youth foundation, Signatory member of UN Global Compact for life time. This program was introduced by the founder-Shirisha Maharjan. The Life patron program was created to give any one the chance to help with SYF Nepal’s preaching activities while still carrying out their other works.
Membership Criteria

An organization seeking membership should meet the following criteria:

  1. Be active in the area of SDG’s example health, livelihood, education or a closely related field
  2. Endorse the values and general principles of the SYF Nepal.
  3. Should be initiator or change maker
  4. Should be team player
  5. Should have intention to give towards society.
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Benefits to Life Member

As a life member, you will be entitled to receive the following benefits:

  1. Life patron Identity Card with patron’s photo. This card will be honored at all the program where SYF Nepal is involved.
  2. Life member will get 5% discount in all the services of SYF Production.
  3. Certificate will be provided in well framed.
  4. Will have access to all the program conducted by SYF Nepal.
  5. Life members will be nominated to be the board members after 2 years of active participation.
  6. Opportunities for life members to get involved as expertise.
  7. Opportunities for life members to provide expertise and value to our team and entrepreneurs.
  8. Will have the right to lead the organization and discuss the issues.
  9. Will get access to the platform that supports our member to grow their personal learnings, careers, networks and businesses.
What is the present Donation for life membership

At present the donation for life patron is Rs. 10,000. Donation may be given in Cash, by Cheque, Bank Transfer, through the internet/online services.

Bank Name: Siddhartha Bank Ltd.
Bank Account Name: Siris Youth Foundation
Bank Account Number: 00615130473

Contact Information: +977 - 1 - 9841717759

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