With will power and determination, everyone can contribute to a better future!! Our partners are the change makers. They put their financial support to create real impact. They share our belief that every individual can bring revolution on their own way. Our partners are the individuals, corporations and institutions who provide the monetary support and human capital that allow us to take on the world’s toughest challenges. We SYF Nepal refers our donors as “partners” because giving to SYF Nepal is always more than a financial contribution. Our partners play an integral part in the organization, and we value the expertise and perspective that they bring to the table. We built the trust and maintain transparency with our partners by sharing detailed reporting and presenting documentary of every work.
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Partner Benefits

Our partners are the essence of our organization. Special engagement opportunities, exclusive events and other benefits available for partners only include:

  1. In every documentary Partners name or logo will be highlighted and will be boosted in social media campaign.
  2. Quarterly partner-only communications including Portfolio, Sector, and Leadership updates, and Partner conference calls.
  3. Opportunities for partners to provide expertise and value to our team and entrepreneurs.
  4. Our partners will get 15% off in every SYF Production services.

We partner with companies committed to make earth a better living place

Our Partners